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Before buying solar panels – four points you must know


Today there is an increasing focus on environmental sustainability and the concept of going green is becoming more and more prevalent.

Due to the need to conserve resources, buildings and houses are starting to use renewable energy and reduce the harm caused by the use of coal, oil, and other types of fossil fuels.

As a result, more and more people are turning to solar energy. In adapting this type of renewable energy, solar panels are used.

However, before you decide to buy and install solar panels, you need to understand the following four questions.

1. What type of solar panels do you need?

2. Do you know what your electricity consumption is?

3. How many solar panels do you need?

4. Have you found a reliable solar panel supplier?

1. What type of solar panel do you need?

You need to figure out what your needs are so you know what type of solar panels to install and determine the size of the system you need.

For example, if you are looking for outdoor use, portable, high-power solar panels are your first choice.

The size of the solar panel you choose depends on where you want to mount the solar panel.

For example, if you are installing it on an RV, you need to determine the area that the RV can accommodate and the load level of the RV, and have a rough estimate of the size required in advance so that you can choose the right solar panel.

The next thing to consider is efficiency, which is a measure of their ability to convert sunlight into electricity. Different solar panels will offer different efficiencies, with the more efficient ones being more expensive.

Most solar modules have conversion efficiencies between 10% and 20%, with some of the more expensive solar panels using silicon offering efficiencies of up to 20%.

In general, all solar products lose efficiency over time, and you should aim for the highest efficiency you can find (and afford) to guarantee its longevity.

2. Do you know what your electricity consumption is?

This question is imperative to answer, and it is a point you may have overlooked.

The first thing you need to do is make a list of the power consumption of all the appliances and devices that will be used in their particular home or location and estimate the time of day that each appliance or device will use energy to turn on.

Once this is done, multiply the power consumption of each device in watts by the number of hours it is turned on to get the daily power consumption in watts-hours.

For example, the total energy consumption is estimated to be about 1500 watt-hours or 1.5 kWh per day. However, it is advisable to add a little more, say 25%, to account for system losses or the use of additional electronics. The new estimate would then be: 1500 watt-hours x 1.25 (25% extra) = 1875 watt-hours or 1.875 Kw/hour.

3. How many solar panels do you need?

After you have determined your electricity consumption, you can roughly estimate how many solar panels you will need.

Determine the hours of sunlight in your area. For example, the estimated load is 1875 watt-hours and the total sunlight hours are 4 hours.

For a home grid system, the number of solar panels can be determined by selecting the right panels on the market, which will have different ratings, such as 100 watts, 150 watts, 300 watts, etc.

Now for this case, you can use 100-watt solar panels and need five 100-watt to meet your 1875-watt hour requirement.

4. Have you found a trustworthy solar panel supplier?

Founded in 2008, Shenzhen Sungold Solar is a leading global supplier of off-grid solar panels, integrating R&D, production, sales, and service.

Sungold Solar will provide you with affordable prices that are worth your time.

Sungold Solar’s main products include rigid solar panels, semi-flexible solar panels, lightweight solar folding panels, and portable solar panels, which are widely used in camping, marine, and off-grid systems.

Benefits of Sungold solar panels

1. Sungold solar panels can save you money on your electricity bill.

2. Sungold solar panels are good for the environment because they produce clean and renewable energy.

3. Sungold solar panels are low maintenance and can last for many years.

4. Sungold solar panels can provide electricity even during power outages.

5. Sungold solar has a professional R&D, production, sales, and service team to support worry-free after-sales service.


Before you buy solar panels make sure to consider the above points clearly and buy solar panels that you are satisfied with.

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Founded in 2008, Shenzhen Sungold Solar Co., Ltd. has always led the way with high-performance photovoltaic modules that can handle harsh environments.Sungold has developed a wide range of adapted products for RVs, yachts, outdoor applications, balcony systems and camping.

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