Sungold 200 watt solar panel TF-D-200W

Polymer composite material / 5 years warranty/strong impact resistance
The 200 watt solar panel features PERC shingle cells with a high conversion efficiency of up to 22%, making it an ideal choice for RV living. With strong impact resistance, this panel can effectively protect the battery.
In addition, the SG-TF-D-200W panel is highly flexible, thanks to its ETFE surface material. This material provides excellent weather resistance, salt spray resistance, corrosion resistance, and aging resistance, making it durable and long-lasting.
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Exclusive Patented Material
Lighter And Thinner
Easy To Use
Shingled PERC technology
TF-D-200w use an organic polymer composite to replace the typical glass front sheet as a laminant. The polymer composite material used is extremely durable, capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and climate conditions.
Ultra light and thin, more flexible
The TF Series solar panel is only 2mm thick. It uses Sungold’s patented material, which allows the solar panels to bend more while protecting the cells. This solar panel is more flexible and fits many curves, allowing it to conform to a variety of unique shapes.
5 years warranty
TF-D-200w solar flexible panel products have passed rigorous trampling and hail resistance tests conducted by the company. These tests have verified the protection and stability of the product, providing confidence in its reliability. Furthermore, the addition of a newly patented material has proven to be highly effective in protecting the battery sheet. These successful tests have laid a solid foundation for the 5-year warranty that comes with the product.
Shingled PERC technology
Shingled-cell technology eliminates cell spacing by overlapping small cells. Therefore more cells can be packaged in the same module area, which directly leads to an increase in module power.Shingled modules can produce more electricity in the same amount of time.The heat spot effect was significantly reduced

How much power does a 200 watt solar panel produce?

The power output of a solar panel can fluctuate depending on a number of factors. The time of day, seasonal and weather patterns, shadows around the site, obstructions such as trees and buildings, and the orientation of the solar panel can all affect the performance of the panel. Under ideal conditions, a 200 watt solar panel can reach its peak capacity, however, this is not always guaranteed.
The table below estimates the amount of power generated by a 200 watt solar panel in a given period of time.
How much power does a 200 watt solar panel produce

How do I calculate the power output of a 200 watt flexible solar panel?

Calculating the power output of a 200W flexible solar panel can be tricky as various external factors can affect the output
To help you better understand, here is a formula for calculating watt-hours per day:
Watt-hours per day = average sunshine hours x solar panel wattage x 85%
In the above formula, we assumed that the solar panels are 85% efficient because not all sunlight is converted into electricity.
Let’s say you live in an area with 4 hours of peak sunlight and your panels are rated at 200 watts. In this case, the output of the solar panels would be:
Watt-hours per day = 4 x 200 x 0.85 = 680Wh
This means that a 200 watt solar panel can produce about 600 watt-hours of electricity, depending on its efficiency. With sungold 200 watt solar panels you can benefit from high conversion rates and efficiency. This allows you to harvest more energy from the panel and reduce your electricity bills.
How do I calculate the power output of a 200 watt flexible solar panel

When to use a 200 watt solar panel kit?

A 200 watt solar panel can be used to provide backup energy in an emergency or to power the following activities and events:
Camping trips and road trips: Installing a 200W solar panel kit can charge batteries, laptops, cell phones and other devices while you are away.
Home emergency backup: If you lose power due to a storm or other emergency, you can use a solar power station with 200w to power basic appliances and keep your home running.
Boating: A solar generator with a 200w solar panel kit can power an electric winch, lights and other small appliances while you’re out on the water.
Remote and off-grid living: Solar power is a reliable source of electricity when you’re away from the grid. It’s a great way to stay connected and power your devices while off the grid.
No matter what type of event or activity you are planning, having a 200 watt solar panel can help you become energy independent and keep the lights on when the grid goes down.
When to use a 200 watt solar panel kit
The Sungold 200 watt solar panel is an excellent choice for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint and become energy independent. 200 watt solar panels are durable, long lasting and offer excellent conversion efficiency.
Our range of flexible solar panels are perfect for outdoor off-grid applications such as RVs and yachts. It is easy to set up and can power a variety of small appliances such as laptops, lights and fans. Meet Sungold and learn more about solar energy.
Sungold 200 watt solar panel
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Maximum power(Pmax)


Open-circuit voltage(Voc)


Voltage at Pmax(Vmp)


Short-circuit current(Isc)


Current at Pmax(Imp)


Cells efficiency(%)


The maximum system voltage

600V DC(IEC)

Power temperature coefficient


Voltage temperature coefficient


Current temperature coefficient


Output power tolerance


Operating temperature







5 years

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TF series flexible solar panels use Sungold’s exclusive patented materials. The material allows solar panels to be greatly improved in terms of weather resistance, salt spray resistance, corrosion resistance and aging resistance.
TF-D-200W flexible solar panel adopts shingled-cell welding technology. Compared with ordinary PV modules, shingled-cell modules have higher conversion efficiency and stronger resistance to hot spot effects.
This 200W flex solar panel is suitable for off-grid applications such as RVs and yachts. It can also be installed on balconies to provide power to your home.
The output efficiency of a solar panel may not be ideal for a number of reasons. The most common environmental conditions, such as the angle of direct sunlight, cloudy sky, and accumulation of dirt and smudges on the surface of the solar panels, can result in reduced efficiency.

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