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Jiang and Harry’s Round the World Ride – Episode 12

A Fantastic Desert Journey

Today, when I was riding uphill, there was a strong wind. I was a little dizzy and almost lost my way in the desert. I was exhausted.

We finally arrived at a village called Santa Lucia before the sun went down.


In front of a small house on the trail at the entrance of the village, we met two people. A man and a woman are in front of the house, with a child sitting beside them.

The man is watering the dry plants in the garden, while the woman is taking care of the children.

I stopped my bicycle and explained my purpose, and asked where I could camp in the village.


The two discussed it, and the woman said to me, it’s very windy today, you can go camping in our yard today, it’s safer and sheltered from the wind.

The men were nodding and smiling all the time, along with their children. Looking at this amiable family, I agreed to their invitation and bowed my thanks.


Following their home car, they rode for about 5 minutes and came to a house surrounded by barbed wire, surrounded by newly built walls.

They warmly invited me into the house. Although the furnishings in the house were simple, they prepared the best location and the best food in the house for me, a guest who came from afar.

After the conversation, I learned that the woman’s name was Elena and the man’s name was Anronio. They jointly raised their 12-year-old disabled son Charbel.


The house was built by Anronio alone with bricks and tiles, or with local materials.

Watching their house stand strong in the desert, even the strong wind can’t destroy the love. They didn’t show the slightest difficulty in life on their faces. While sharing dinner, we chatted with mobile phone translators.


During the process, they found that they yearned for an ordinary life so much, and hoped that their son would recover soon, and they worked hard to prepare everything.

When it came to their son going to La Paz for surgery on the 23rd, Elenan showed sadness and melancholy on his face. It was a strong mother’s pity for her children, and she was afraid that their children would suffer again. But she also said that life is more than that, no matter what, it must continue.


From them, I saw the tenacity and unyieldingness of desert plants working hard towards the sun.

Before leaving the next day, I quietly left them a small amount of money and blessings, hoping that their life will be better and better in the future, and that the world will be full of love: )


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