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Determine The Allowable Installation Location and Area
You first need to consider covering the ship’s solar power system in the locations where it is allowed to be installed (e.g., roof, deck). Not every space on a ship can be covered with solar panels, nor can you decide on an arbitrary number of installations.

You need to depend on the actual situation of the boat. Some boaters will install solar panels on the stern or the deck of the boat. Some people install solar panels at the mast of a sailboat. Sungold customizes the size and power of the solar panels to suit your needs.

How Solar Panels Work
The photovoltaic solar panels on your boat receive sunlight to generate electricity and charge the batteries through a controller. The battery stores the energy. It provides an auxiliary source of electrical energy for the ship. Solar power generation is still mainly used in power systems such as machinery in the machinery compartment and brakes on the engines.

Solar panels

Receive sunlight and let it generate electricity for you


Solar panels charge the batteries through the controller


Store the auxiliary power source provided by the solar panel
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Save Energy
It is worth emphasizing that the main fuel for powering a ship is still fuel oil. On larger ships, solar power provides a relatively low share of the total electricity used on board, less than 8%.
However, solar panels can continuously power the batteries at almost no cost, reducing your energy consumption.
Sungold LEE or TF Series Flexible Solar Panels
The use of special lightweight and flexible solar panels allows for the installation of more solar panels on board, such as awnings, inclined surfaces, and areas that need to be accessed.
Both the LEE series and TF series use high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cells with high conversion efficiency and have an IP67 waterproof rating. You can choose according to your actual situation.


The quest for more durable and long-lasting solar panels. You can consider Sungold LEE series or TF series flexible solar panels. They both offer high performance and long-lasting durability.


The quest for anti-stepping and good flexibility solar panels, Sungold TF series will be your optimal choice. They all have a great flexible performance, there is no need to worry when you are stepping on it.

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High Corrosion Resistance

The quest for high corrosion resistance, Sungold will be your best solution. Our LEE series flexible solar panels have been praised by many customers for their corrosion resistance.

The sun glistened on the solar panels, and the sea waves broke waywardly
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