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Netherlands Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS) 2018 in Amsterdam


Exhibition: Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS) 2018 in Amsterdam
Date: 13th-15th, Nov, 2018
Booth No: 07.524
Add: Amsterdam RAI, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The application of solar energy in marine equipment has played a major role in recent times. There are various conferences where the use of solar cells to exploit the natural sunlight is being discussed. There are also many trade shows happening across the world.

One among them is the Netherlands Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS), the world’s largest exhibition of marine equipment. Every year the latest technologies used in marine equipment are on display at the show.

This year, we are participating in the event and will be displaying three of our most advanced solar panel technologies.

1. Flexible Solar Panels

These solar panels ranging from 20W to 140W can be easily installed on curved surfaces. The unique mesh design facilitates a higher utilization of light. They can be used on boats and yachts without any inconvenience.

2. Light Weight Solar Panels

These panels have an aluminum board and no glass which makes them lighter. It can be used on the roof of marine vehicles and the durability comes from the use of composite materials. They also prevent glaring due to excessive illumination which can be caused in other glass-based solar panels.

3. Solar Panel Charger

The portable charger is of great advantage. It is available in two variants of 50W and 100W and can charge a battery of 12 V. It can also charge your yacht, boat or any other marine equipment. It is lightweight and comes with a USB cable.

So, mark the dates from 13th to 15thof November on your calendar. The exhibition will take place at Amsterdam RAI. Hop in and visit the booth 07.524.

If you have any doubts regarding the products, you can ask us on the spot. Hope to see you there.

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