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Sungold® SGM-450W Mono crystalline Solar Panel kit

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1.  IP65 juction box available long-term weather endurance
2. Salt mist,ammonia and blowing sand resisitance,apply to seasidefarm and desert environment 
3. High reliability with guaranteed -3% to +5% power output tolerance, ensuring return on investment 
4. High conversion efficiency based on leading innovative photovoltaic technologies
  • SGM2-450W
  • Sungold
  • 22.70%
  • glass
  • 1930*1145*40mm
  • Monocrystalline 182
  • 10 years
Maximum power(Pmax)450W
Open-circuit voltage(Voc)40.0V
Voltage at Pmax(Vmp)34.2V
Short-circuit current(Isc)13.82A
Current at Pmax(Imp)13.16A
Cells Efficiency(%)22.70%
The maximum system voltage1000VDC(IEC)
Power temperature coefficient-0.38%/℃
Voltage temperature coefficient-0.36%/℃
Current temperature coefficient0.07%/℃
Output power tolerance±3%
Operating Temperature-40~85℃
Solar cell brandA grade solar cells
No.of cells and connections120(6*20)
Module dimension11930*1145*40mm
Warranty10 years

Mono Solar modules

  1. High Quality Control

  2. In-house testing goes well beyond certification requirements(100%EL)

  3. Linear Performance Warranty

  4. 10-year product warranty and 25-year linear power warranty

  5. Weather Resistance

  6. 2400 Pa wind load; 5400 Pa snow load; 35 mm hail stones at 97 km/h

  7. - As a high efficiency module, traditional solar panel kit can create more electricity under the standard light than you think

  8. - Panel kit is enclosed by tempered glass and high quality materials, which make sure it has a long service time, while good protection can also ensure stable output

  9. - Easy to install and use

  10. - Due to premium protection, panel kit is resistant to high wind pressure and high intensity snow.

Quality and reliability

1.±3% positive tolerance

2. 10-year warranty Materials Technology

3. 90% 10-year and 80% 25-year power output guarante

4. Industry-leading linear warranty

Typical Applications

Sungold provides a full of rigid frame monocrystalline solar panel modules to global customers, and widely used in various fields. It has SGMC pv solar panels and SGS pv solar panels with high efficiency and provides best solar panel price, free power for charging 12V batteries, for example in boat, motorhome , caravan, camping, narrow boat, yacht etc, or any other systems with a 12V battery or battery bank.

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