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Pre-sale of New solar folding table

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Sungold solar 110W 12V Portable Folding Solar Table For 12V Battery Charging and DC12V Device Power Supply Ideal for Outdoor Camping Kitchen Collapsible Work Top Table

Pre-installed controller and Pre-wired for 12V battery charging.

5V USB Port can be used to charge your phone directly in outdoors.

With Handle which is convenient to carry.

Height Adjustable can meet the different needs for different groups .

Easy Operation only to open the folding solar table, battery clips on the back of the table allows for simple connection to the battery.


5V USB port---This port can be used directly with/without battery

Solar Energy 12VDC Port---This port is also suitable for using 12v load with/without battery. Without battery when the solar table in full sun,battery is not necessary,as long as the solar table is working in sunny days,then this port can be used to generate power for load,you just need to insert the plug of your DC12V load,then you can use it . With battery it is best to run through the battery and use the stored energy and charge at anytime.

Battery 12VDC Port---This port is for DC12V Load to use ,it only can be used when you connect battery with the battery clips of the table ,then you can insert the plug of your load in the battery 12VDC Port to get power,without connecting battery ,this port can not be used to provide power for your load.