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Sungold Continues to be the highlight of SPI

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The three-day US SPI (SOLAR POWER INTERNATIONAL) will end on Thursday at the Salt Lake City Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Over the past two weeks, Sungold's sales engineers have been busy exhibiting at the show, showcasing the latest developments in OFF GRID & Marine, and collaborating with US customers.

 Sungold SPI

Weiwen Lu, co-founder and sales director of Sungold, said: "The potential of the US solar RV market is huge, which is a huge business opportunity for Sungold." Shanggu Optoelectronics has been committed to providing reliable PV module application solutions for the RV market. So far, we have developed various solar modules for RV/MARINE/OFFGRID. Our brand is trusted by many customers around the world. ”


With the policy changes in the region, we are expected to get some opportunities to re-enter the market and bring our superior products to the extreme. Our former customers can return to us and work together to develop products that are more conducive to this market. Pv PV exhibitor, Sungold showcased its new Winner bag series, with a power range of 60w-120w. Our new Winner bag series will meet the power needs of consumer users as well as the perfect match with energy storage. They are beautifully designed with Smart and powerful features that can be carried out more portable

The LVP series is a good choice for the RV market. It is separated from the cumbersome features of traditional glass folding panels. It uses the latest technology to reduce the weight and provide a better experience for customers. Local customers are all amazed when they see this product. Her portable and lightweight, but also put forward more power needs, we will continue to add in the following time


As one of the leading manufacturers of non-standard solar modules, the Sungold brand is highly recognized in North America. “We have quality products and technological advantages. We believe that our competitive advantage will make Sungold more popular in North America.” Looking forward, Weiwen Lu hopes to be more local