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LE Series



Frequently Asked Questions
Special Material

ETFE material is adopted on the surface, high-temperature resistance
Ultra-light & Portable

 The solar panel is 50% lighter than that of the same power wattage
Easy to intall

The solar panel is great for RVs, sea boats, tents, and other irregular surfaces


Black/White Lightweight Solar Panel

- Flexible, perfect for RVs, boats, cabins, tents and any other irregular surface
- Using monocrystalline solar cells, thus the conversion efficiency is up to 20.6%
- The surface ETFE material, which can be high-temperature resistant, and will not be deformed by external factors such as heat
- Lightweight, easy to install
- Waterproof and beautiful; patented material is contained to protect the solar panel from the impact of hail




Thin, Light, Resilient & Aesthetic Flexible Solar Panel

--Low cracked cells impaction



  SunPower solar panel(LE series)

Sungold LE-series of flexible solar panel  bring convenience to you. Enjoy the pleasure of outdoor activities!


 Power/Voltage Dimension(mm) Cells Cells Efficiency Surface material No.of cells
50w 20v 565*510*4 Mono 158 22.42% ETFE 3*12
65w 20v 510*730*4 Mono 158 22.42% ETFE 3*12
100w 20v 510*1050*4 Mono 158 22.42% ETFE 3*12
130w 20v 680*1040*4 Mono 158 22.42% ETFE 4*9
200w 20v 680*1530*4 Mono 158 22.42% ETFE 4*9
90w 20v 795*665*4 Mono 156 20.60% ETFE 4*9
100w 20v 865*665*3 Mono 156 20.60% ETFE 4*9
100w 20v 1125*505*4 Mono 156 20.60% ETFE 3*12
120w 20v 1050*665*4 Mono 156 20.60% ETFE 4*18
180w 20v 1500*665*4 Mono 156 20.60% ETFE 4*9



  It is designed for 12V batteries, applying to vehicle, boat, motorhome, caravan, camping tent, narrow boat, yacht and other equipment with a 12V battery or battery bank.

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