TF Series



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Innovative material

Patented polymer composite material,Anti-hail test

Ultra-light and Glass-free
2mm thin and 3.5kg/m2 and  Easy to install
The minimum bending radius is 1m,Can be tranpled on without being damaged

Glass-free Solar Panel (SunPower solar cells or monocrystalline solar cells)


① High light transmittance, ageing resistance and local hardness and stickiness,It can be installed on the surface of the yacht arbitrarily, allowing you to swim in the ocean

② Corrosion resistance, no need to worry about sea water erosion
③ When you accidentally step on the flexible solar panel, the surface polymer material Can protect your solar panel
④ 5+-years warranty and quality assurance,Customized monocrystalline and SunPower cells



Note: refer to the installation instructions when using
New flexible panel release—TF series

TF series


TF series photovoltaic module is an innovative glass-free solar module. It adopts proven crystalline silicon solar cell technology and polymer composite material to achieve a new type of pv module that is glass-free, lightweight and thin sheet. 


TF series is as light as 3.5 kg/m2, which is only 30% of glass module and 55% of PA028 lightweight module. The thickness can be reduced to 2mm. We customize the shape and size and achieve custom design and production.


   Flexible solar panel(TF series)



 Power/Voltage Dimension(mm) Cells Cells Efficiency Surface material No.of cells
SG-TF-M-55W 580*540*2mm Mono  22.62% ETFE 3*12
SG-TF-M-70W 745*540*2mm Mono  22.62% ETFE 3*12
SG-TF-M-110W 1080*540*2mm Mono  22.62% ETFE 3*12
SG-TF-M-200W 1420*710*2mm Mono  22.62% ETFE 4*8
SG-TF-M-220W 1595*710*2mm Mono  22.62% ETFE 4*9
SG-TF-M-245W 1770*710*2mm Mono  22.62% ETFE 4*10
SG-TF-M-270W 1940*710*2mm Mono  22.62% ETFE 4*11
SG-TF-S-55W 580*540*2mm Sunpower 22.60% ETFE 4*8
SG-TF-S-80W 840*540*2mm Sunpower 22.60% ETFE 4*18
SG-TF-S-110W 1070*540*2mm Sunpower 22.60% ETFE 4*8
SG-TF-S-120W 1200*540*2mm Sunpower 22.60% ETFE 4*9
SG-TF-S-135W 1330*540*2mm Sunpower 22.60% ETFE 4*10
SG-TF-S-150W 1460*540*2mm Sunpower 22.60% ETFE 4*11


TF series expands the imagination of PV technology application, can be easily combined with a variety of innovative solutions, making them suitable for light roof, BIPV, RV, yacht, mobile device and outdoor activities.

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